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Date twenty-ten, January seven. A Green Sheep who can only gaze at the sky. A Blue Cat who can only sleep on the terrace. When the sheep met the cat, it was a meeting that was never meant to happen (but it happened anyway). The air was tense, nobody moved or made a sound... more
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 Boku no Hane wa Kimi

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PostSubject: Boku no Hane wa Kimi   Boku no Hane wa Kimi Icon_minitime28th May 2010, 5:14 pm

Boku no Hane wa Kimi - ぼくのはねはきみ
Boku no Hane wa Kimi I2032510

From Aerandria Scans:
All this time, Aki has harbored a one-sided crush for a boy she saw jumping higher than anyone else. During the spring when she's in grade 9, Okumura transfered to her class. After seeing his jump, she has the feeling that he's the boy she once saw, and she started to notice him more. And then, she heard an unbelievable rumor about him...

Volumes: 1 (Completed)
Genres: Shoujo, Romance
Author: Yuka Kitagawa
Artist: Yuka Kitagawa

Raw provider: Saffea
Translator (C-E): Saffea
Proofreader: Saffea
Editor: Saffea
Quality Checker: Saffea

Status (18/05/2015)
Story 1a - Scanning | Translating | Editing > Released
Story 1b - Scanning | Translating | Editing
Story 2x - Scanning | Translating | Editing
Story 3x - Scanning | Translating | Editing
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Boku no Hane wa Kimi
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