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 Rules on the forum

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Rules on the forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules on the forum   Rules on the forum Icon_minitime7th January 2010, 1:05 am

Hello there. :)
In order to keep Toothpaste's forum in a 'safe' environment, we would appreciate it if you'd follow a few simple rules.

1. Out of respect to everyone, the use of foul languages should be avoided as much as possible. We won't force you to completely block out the foul language, but it'd be awesome if you did.

2. No spamming or bumping.

3. Strictly NO Pornography contents.

4. No fighting, arguing or saying stuff that you wouldn't want said to yourself.

5. You'd need to log in to access the "Release Log" under Main

6. Have fun and respect our requests.

Thank you.

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PostSubject: Hosting projects?   Rules on the forum Icon_minitime24th February 2010, 5:38 am

Hello there!

I'm the manga admin from AnimeA ( http://www.animea.net/ - main site and manga part - http://manga.animea.net/ ) and I'm here to ask Toothpaste Scanlations about hosting their projects on our site - mangareader online.
We keep the credit and all other pages (all files intact), create a special page for the scan group with the link of the site and any other notes about waiting days and so.
I'm waiting for an answer.

Regards, AA manga admin,

Edit: Thanks for the approval!
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Rules on the forum
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